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On electric transformers there are the so called electrical and magnetic losses. The correct evaluation of such losses is quite important when comparing prices of this equipment. When you will buy a transformer, always take into consideration the energy the consumed energy (losses). The higher are the losses, the higher are the energy bills. The simple consideration of this aspects may lead to surprising conclusions:

So the transformer price = offered price + cost of losses

Therefore, the first thing to do is to request the manufacturer to inform you the guaranteed values of copper and no load losses of the transformer to be purchased. After that, check with the Utility of your region whether there is a loss capitalization already studied or adjusted. Otherwise, we are giving, as an example, the mostly used model:


1. Always request the manufacturer to supply you GUARANTEED values of losses, excitation current and transformer impedance.

2. We recommend this analysis to any transformer above 500 kVA.

PC = PRICE + (2.748,20 x Pfe) + (1.557,90 x Pcu), where:

PC (US$) = Capitalized price
Price (US$) = Transformer price
Pfe (kW) = No load losses
Pcu (kW) = Copper losses

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